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Dr. Dan Johnston

    Dr. Johnston is the former Medical Director for the US Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program and currently works for the Office of the Surgeon General, US Army. (These statements are Dr. Johnston’s own and do not constitute an endorsement by or opinion of the Army or the Department of Defense.) . CSF is a long-term strategy […]


Just as today's military elite warfighters continue to use a array of equipment and technology to ensure optimum battlefield performance and safety in a diverse environment, we cannot neglect the importance of an equally diverse and comprehensive approach to the needs of the human being operating in that environment; an approach that is based on strong science in a variety of fields including physiology, psychology, spirituality, sociology, nutrition, and medicine; this ensures we meet a broad range of performance and resilience requirements to ensure maximum force fitness.




Through my work and understanding of the warrior-athlete concept in the US military, I have been fortunate to collaborate with some of the top researchers and performance specialists in the world. This collaboration has provided me with a knowledge base that has led to an important understanding of how specific comprehensive strategies used by the best athletes in the world can be applied to the unique demands of various groups such as aviation and special operations. This demands an appreciation for all influencers of human performance and resilience.




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Obesity, heart disease, cancer, depression, fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis and many other common diseases and conditions afflicting millions of Americans today involve complex interactions of the mind (spiritual, psychological, behavioral, social and family) as well as the body (physical, nutritional, medical and environmental). They also affect all of us in our pursuit of total, maximal health and wellness. However, we must also be aware the larger picture of the family, organization and culture as well. Understanding the dynamic and complex nature of total fitness can equip for maximum health, healing and resilience for all of us.


As the likelihood of long duration spaceflight continues to increase as humans want to further their exploration of space and planets, NASA has been researching how to deliver powerful nutrients that can help keep astronauts healthy and performing their best. Astronauts are at increased risk of specific cancers and diseases because of their exposure to larger amounts of damaging radiation and oxidative stress. All of us can apply this data and understanding to our own bodies here on earth for increased wellness.